A Journey of Crafted Distinction

As a brand with over 80 years of heritage, CYC was undoubtedly a recognised brand in Singapore. However, it struggled with the perception of being relevant and appealing only to statesmen and the older generation. With changing consumer mindsets and perceptions, there was a need to shift this perception and continue building brand loyalty with existing customers as well as encourage new customers especially the younger generation to try CYC.

CYC’s esteemed reputation in bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship shone through in consumer research and this culminated in a refreshed brand promise, ‘Crafted Distinction’, and an inspiring, modern yet classic brand identity. Inspired by its tools of trade, the needle and thread, the CYC monogram has been created with a single continuous line to symbolise CYC’s unceasing dedication and the timeless quality of its art, from the past to the present and to the future.

This brand refresh was timed perfectly with CYC’s move to Capitol Piazza, where its new flagship store now resides. With its own unique brand tagline ‘Crafted to your style’, the revitalised CYC made-to-measure brand is set to create waves amongst the modern consumers in Singapore and overseas.