Our focus has always been on simplicity. Unraveling the complexity of business and bringing simple ideas and innovative thinking to brands. Then creating the remarkability they need to grow, build market share, or disrupt the status quo.

Who we are

DIA was established in London in 1983 and became a top five branding consultancy by the end of the 80’s. We opened in Asia in 1996 and today DIA is an independent group based in Singapore with studios in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia.

We are a group of remarkable strategic, creative and business minds. Our culture is built around ideas. Inspiring, sparking and fostering creative thinking that results in effective business change.

Leaders  |  Team

DIA Brands Singapore-Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Group CEO
DIA Brands Malaysia-Tania Tai
Tania Tai
Managing Director
DIA Brands Malaysia-Jonathan Bong
Jonathan Bong
Strategy Director

Change for the better


Nigel was a founding member of DIA in the UK and has over twenty years experience of working in Asia across everything from consumer to industrial, retail and destination brands. He is a strong advocate of design and has been advisor to many leading companies and institutions across the region, as well as President of Design Business Chamber Singapore (formerly DAS), advisor to the Singapore Design Awards (SDA) and Singapore Design Class.


He is an artist, a former gallery and restaurant owner, a sailor, committed food lover and divides his time between Singapore and Australia.


Simplicity rules


At the helm of the Malaysian practice of the DIA Group, Tania plays a dual role of managing the consultancy and leading key engagements. A strong believer in the power of simplicity, Tania relishes the joy of finding creative solutions to the toughest challenges. For over two decades, she has helped many ambitious brands and organisations fight for meaning, relevance and greatness in a complex world. She is on the industry panel of Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), Vistage, MATRADE and Enterprise Promotion Centres.


Acrobatic thinker. Art lover. World adventurer. Tania is always inspired by humanity and the humour present in all situations.


Innovation is about nuances


The strategic catalyst at DIA Malaysia, Jonathan leads projects at the intersection of business, innovation and transformation. His solid credentials in turnaround efforts, competitive strategy, corporate /risk planning, culture change and organisation development spans over two decades. With a splash of strategic direction, a sprinkle of general wisdom and a generous helping of wit, his provocative insights have sharpened many a marketing plan.


When he is not at work, Jonathan can be found chasing a little white ball on scenic greens or drawing inspiration from shape-shifters in commerce and politics.

DIA Brands Singapore-Pooja G Dixit
Pooja G. Dixit
Strategy Director
Justin Lye
Associate Creative Director
Yan Tan
Associate Design Director

Purpose-driven Strategy


Pooja’s passion for branding is driven by a love for people and how her work can impact their lives in big or small ways. She has nearly 20 years of work experience in Asia. Her rich experience in sales, marketing and branding has been achieved by working with a vast spectrum of global and local clients alike.


Pooja is a certified PMC (Practising Management Consultant) and an alumnus of National University of Singapore. When away from work, she loves travelling, spending time with her children and supports all causes associated with underprivileged children and animal welfare.


Symphonic sensibility


Yan is renowned for combining impeccable taste with an instinct for compelling creatives. Her pursuit for design excellence started at Nottingham Trent University and followed on at Blu Inc Media, where her repute as an urban zeitgeist grew from strength to strength.


Nothing frazzles Yan, even in the face of the toughest challenges. Always tackling each task with a fresh appetite for possibility, and with endless imagination and such finesse. Without fail, she will bring a unique style to every project at DIA, notably: F&N’s portfolio of brands across categories (i.e. dairy, beverages and ice-cream), Sunkist, JCorp’s Ibrahim International Business District, Chemical Company Malaysia, Lien’A Vietnam, Trove Hotel, FionN Dessein etc.


Obsessed with concepts like simplicity and purity, Yan manages to dazzle with her masterful flair for radical minimalism. When not in design mode, Yan can be found hiking, tucking into veggie-loaded Poké bowls and dreaming up of new baking concoctions, perpetuating her passion for creating things from scratch.


Creative dynamo


Justin leads the studio with a closet full of many creative hats and a keen eye for ‘what’s next’. Bringing a special blend of design, fine art and new media honed from USM & RMIT Australia, Justin ensures there’s intelligence and coherence in DIA’s creative walk and talk.


Through the years, Justin has built a strong reputation for his unique brand of creative leadership that invokes the power of brand strategy and a latitude of compelling brand narratives. By translating all that into meaningful omni-channel moments, he has got us creatively covered and the clients coming back for more.


For Justin, creation is a way of life, where thoughtful designs solve real world problems for our clients such as DuPont, Progresif telco, Sime Darby Plantation, JCorp’s International Ibrahim Business District destination branding, Perodua Malaysian Masters & Daihatsu Indonesian Masters, IJM Land, Financial Services Professional Board etc.


A grey matter thinker and inspiration scout, Justin enjoys random connections and looking at everyday things with fresh eyes. On his desk you’ll find an eclectic mix of artefacts and gadgets, particularly desultory pieces from his world travels.

Nick Pegman
Managing Director
Roxanne Perez
Senior Brand Designer

“ Leading creative to give inspiration
and meaning to each design ”

Production Manager

“World-class production
meets world-class attitude.”

Seeing the big picture


Nick is one of our veterans with over 20 years experience. After an early career in Australia he joined DIA back in early 2000 as Associate Director. He then moved to Indonesia and has since been a brand practitioner both client and consultancy side across Asia and global markets. He leads our business in Indonesia from our established hub in Singapore. He has worked for many prominent brands including Telenor, Axiata, Lippo Group, Maxx Coffee, Bali Hai and Vivere Group to name a few. All these projects have been strategic in nature and have used branding as leverage to stimulate new growth or enter new markets.


Nick brings a strong combination of creative and strategic thinking to the group, with the ability to see the big picture as well as the granular implications for the brand. In his spare time, he thinks, reads and runs to stay fit.

Alyson Ho
Senior Brand Consultant

“Experience and a passion for brand
as a game changer for business”

Silvia Luo
Brand Designer

“Focused on excellence and creating
the best result for every brief”

Stella Tsui
Brand Designer

“Inspired by ideas and bringing them
to life in impactful solutions”

Diyana Termizi
Brand Designer

“Defying perfection for
a beautifully designed future.”

Jessica Tan
Brand Consultant

“Applying research and strategy in
pursuit of the best solution”

DIA Brands Consultant-Lucas-Saw
Lucas Saw
Brand Consultant

“ A design thinker and insightful strategist
looking to make a difference”

Brand Designer

“Conquering design and music horizons.”

Azie Nasir
Brand Consultant

“Joy bringer of disruptive
yet purposeful strategies.”

Hilary Woo
Brand Consultant

“Superpower: creating
order from chaos.”

Fairuz Rawi
Knowledge Manager

“Synthesising insights in search of awesomeness.”

Lim Chun Ling
Brand Associate

“Passionate about sparking new opportunities.”

Ilyani Hashim
Brand Associate

“Maximising ‘aha’ moments
in random connections.”

Yik Ru Wong
Brand Designer

“Courageous creativity
free from artifice.”

Jonas Goh
Brand Associate & Copywriter

“Storyteller with a weakness
for good design”

Fatin Quraisya
Brand Associate

“Realism meets imagination”

Arina Dalila
Brand Associate

“Agile thinker, graceful executor”

Kay Liy Wong
Brand Designer

“Born curious with symphonic taste”


Our collaboration with our clients has created award-winning work that has transformed businesses and built relationships that last.

President’s Design Award
Brand Consultancy of the Year Awards
Marketing Excellence Awards
Singapore Design Awards – Asia’s Top Design Practice
Singapore Design Awards
Singapore Promising Brand Awards
Singapore Brand Award
Singapore Retail Association Awards
Singapore Iconic Design Award
Singapore Star Packaging Award
Star Brand Awards
Singapore Annual Report Awards

Full awards listing

Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards
Brand Consultancy of the Year (Silver)

Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards
Brand Consultancy of the Year (Bronze)

Marketing Excellence Awards
Kayamila – Excellence in Brand Strategy (Bronze)

Asia Communications Awards
Progresif Cellular – Best Brand Campaign

Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards
Brand Consultancy of the Year (Finalist)

Singapore Design Awards
Progresif Cellular – Communication – Branding (Gold)

President’s Design Award – Design of the Year

Marketing Excellence Awards
Meadow Gold Premium Ice Cream – Excellence in Brand Strategy (Finalist)

Singapore Good Design Mark – SG50 Special Edition
Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore Design Awards
Asia’s Top Design Practice – Branding
Asia’s Top Design Practice – Multi-Disciplinary

Marketing Excellence Awards
Sport Singapore – Excellence in Government Sector Marketing (Silver)
Peperoni Pizzeria – Excellence in Brand Strategy (Certificate of Excellence)

Singapore Design Awards
Asia’s Top Design Practice – Branding
Asia’s Top Design Practice – Multi-Disciplinary

Marketing Excellence Awards
Olam Sustainability Program – Excellence in CSR (Silver)
BaliThai – Excellence in Brand Strategy (Certificate of Excellence)

Marketing Excellence Awards
Nature’s Wonders – Packaging Design (Gold)
Tai Sun Nuts – Packaging Design (Bronze)

Singapore Design Awards
Dunlopillo – Branding (Silver)
NTUC Next U – Branding (Bronze)
NTUC Next U – Multi-Disciplinary Design (Bronze)
NTUC Unity Healthcare – Branding (Bronze)
U&Me 50th Labour Movement – Branding (Bronze)
Kewalram Chanrai 150th – Multi-Disciplinary Design (Bronze)
Kota Iskandar Destination – Multi-Disciplinary Design (Bronze)
Ogawa World – Branding (Bronze)
Ogawa World – Multi-Disciplinary Design (Bronze)
Straits Resources Annual Report – Print (Bronze)

Singapore Design Awards
Lamitak – Brand Identity (Silver)
Lamitak – Logo (Gold)
Carlton Hotel – Brand Identity (Silver)
Carlton Hotel – Logo (Bronze)
Café Mosaic – Brand Identity (Silver)
Café Mosaic – Logo (Bronze)
NTUC LearningHub – Brand Identity (Bronze)
NTUC LearningHub – Logo (Bronze)

TAK – Logo (Bronze)
Cuscapi – Branding (Bronze)
Signature Identity System – Branding (Bronze)
Sime Darby GoFresh – Packaging (Bronze)

Singapore Design Awards
NTUC – Brand Identity (Gold)
Changi Airport Group – Brand Identity (Merit)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore – Brand Identity (Merit)
My First Skool – Brand Identity (Finalist)
Olam – CSR Report (Finalist)

Singapore Packaging Star Award
CHNG Kee’s Spice of Life

SRA Retail Awards
Best New Entrant of the Year – Chng Kee’s Spice of Life (Sentosa)

Star Brand Awards
Boncafe I-café Instant Coffee (Singapore)
Boncafe I-café Instant Coffee (Asia Gold)

Singapore Iconic Design Award

Star Brand Awards
Chng Kee’s – Packaging (Singapore)

Singapore Promising Brand Awards
Most Distinguished Brand (Product Category) – Chng Kee’s (1st)
Most Distinguished Brand (Service Category) – Kingsmen (1st)

Hong Kong Design Awards
Del Monte Pacific
ABC Stout

Singapore Annual Report Awards
DBS Bank

Singapore Annual Report Awards
Singapore Airlines Limited
DBS Bank

Singapore Annual Report Awards
Singapore Airlines Limited

Singapore Annual Report Awards
Singapore Airlines Limited

Singapore Design Awards
Dragon Brand Bird’s Nest

UK DBA Design Effectiveness Award

Monsoon (Gold)