Breaking barriers and
paving the way for you
to Be Unstoppable

An expansion with future aspirations from just a simple homegrown e-wallet to a full fledge digital financial service fintech player.

The Challenge

BOOST has always been known as the homegrown e-wallet that pioneered the e-wallet industry in Malaysia, coming before the other e-wallets came to fruition.


Although throughout the years, BOOST has grown exponentially, introducing and expanding to even more services, they are still known as just an e-wallet.


Breaking away from the perception of a single service provider and introducing a whole range of digital services in the fintech industry with aspirations to go far into the future, the brand now needs to reflect that aspiration.

The Insight

As a champion of financial wellbeing, Boost help people cope post-pandemic by paving the way to go beyond. They dedicate their services to not just individuals but SMEs alike. As Boost expands into a full spectrum fintech player, it can help many more segments of people with their specific financial needs, creating a community of Boosties to attain their ambitions.


Hence the need to rebrand to reflect this new and ambitious direction of growth and scale.

DIA’s Role

After rigorous understanding of the specific segments and their needs. DIA developed the branding to represent the revolution of Boost to be stronger, more confident, and bolder.


The typography was uplifted to be more quirky, adding a touch of warmth and friendliness. The Boost logo was enhanced with a new vibrant Boost red to reflect the passion and fiery spirit of the brave hearts that the brand supports. The Boost trail was introduced to denote the way Boost paves the path for those with dreams and ambitions and supports them with financial well being.


Following the rebrand, DIA conceptualised and produced the brand refresh video and sonic logo, taking cues from the brand manifesto to introduce the new promise: Be Unstoppable.

The Impact

DIA created the branding to fit the aspiration and role of the new BOOST in people’s lives.


A brand manifesto video was conceptualised and produced, showcasing the wide range of services that also hinted at the future aspirations of BOOST as a full spectrum fintech player.


The brand launch was well-received by the media, filling up an entire ballroom of eager attendees to explore the new services of BOOST.


The results were further demonstrated by:
a) 2.2 points uplift for brand awareness vs same period last year
b) 1 pt uplift in consideration among current consumers who are using Boost
c) 13% growth month-on-month for instals
d) 38% growth in app open users from Google