Strengthening a future by
structuring the now

Skillfully intercepting identity management challenges and reinforcing the brand foundations with clarity and purpose.

Etiqa Branding - Malaysia

The Challenge

Six years following Etiqa’s launch and brand rollout, the Communications team realised that greater clarity and consistency was required to help them manage their visual identity system more effectively. We were then commissioned to review the brand governance, and recommend areas of improvement.

The Insight

Backed by a more relevant and effective identity management strategy, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for Etiqa. As we began to put Etiqa’s visual, verbal, and expressive elements together in its Brand Genealogy, the tone and manner for the corporate insurance and Takaful became better defined.

Etiqa Branding - Malaysia
Etiqa Branding - Malaysia

We also helped Etiqa establish a more resilient system for brand governance, which led to better clarity on the specific roles and responsibilities held by each of Etiqa’s employees to manage and monitor the brand moving forward. This set in place an effective structure and processes to cascade the brand across agencies, branches and the academy consistently.


The strengthening of Etiqa’s governance system does not stop there. Recognising that behind the successful governance of every brand is an inspired team of brand champions, a series of interactive and immersive train-the-trainer workshops were conducted by us to empower the next generation of Regional Brand Drivers and Branch Brand Ambassadors.

The Impact

The strengthened identity management and governance system led to the creation of a cohesive and effective structure for the cascading the visual identity.

Etiqa Branding - Malaysia