Improving human health

A new name and new brand for a world medical research leader, in honour of a great man.

The Challenge

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is Western Australia’s premier adult medical research organisation. Based in Perth, the Institute was founded as the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, lead by the inaugural Chairman, the late Harry Perkins AO. With the building of two new advanced research centres, it was decided WAIMR would be renamed and rebranded the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in his honour.

The Insight

Through our branding work with Wesfarmers, including when Harry Perkins was their Chairman, we had a keen insight into the man, as well as what his contribution meant to the institute as an organisation. The creative idea to use Harry’s signature as the brand identity came from the realisation that this new brand was personal for everyone involved. Adopting his personal mark would create the emotional and visual connection to the man the Institute was looking for.

The Impact

For organisations passionate about improving human health, medical research brands are often impersonal and unremarkable. In this respect, the new brand for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research stands apart. DIA Brands has enabled an organisation seeking to be a world leader in medical research to establish a unique and authentic brand identity that has personal meaning for everyone who works there.