Spirit of Enterprise

Fulfilling Dreams with the ‘Spirit of Enterprise’

The Challenge

The Johor Bahru Central Business District has long been the hub of business, financial and social activities in the Johor state. An extensive urban transformation master plan was initiated by Johor Corporation (J Corp) to reinvent the heart of the state of Johor. Albeit being an important state transformation plan, through a series of stakeholder engagement and conversations, it became apparent that a strong sense of pride by the people of Johor has led to worries of alienation in the face of change.

The Insight

DIA Brands developed the idea of ‘co-creating the future of IIBD’ in bolstering the inclusivity of the people in the process of elevating the district as a lovable, livable and inclusive city, on par with other internationally renowned cities. With that in mind, IIBD is strategically branded to enhance business activities in the region while inspiring Johoreans to live their potentials to the fullest.


Under the four guiding principles aptly named the ‘HOME’ lenses representative of the Heritage, Opportunity, Mobility and Eco-Sustainability elements in the district, the revitalised IIBD brand was launched in early 2017. In the spirit to elevate the standard of the launch event, on par with the newly branded IIBD, the concept of ‘experiential dining’ was brought to the table. The team curated an entire menu that encapsulated the heritage values and culture of Johor through the form of traditional cuisines

The Impact

Using omnichannel experiences to entice, engage and empower stakeholders, we established a robust approach to promote IIBD as a ‘customer-made’ city of the future. This integrated approach to city transformation that involves all stakeholders to invent and reinvent the city of JB as the preferred destination in the region.