Open up…
to delicious mornings
and a world of possibilities!

A new take on an old-time favourite.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2016

Excellence in Brand Strategy (Bronze)

The Challenge

An old time Asian breakfast favourite kaya was facing potential irrelevance, no thanks to the modern and western breakfast spread choices and the hectic lifestyle that allows no time for family to have a quick but warm breakfast together. Kaya therefore had to become relevant at every level – be it in terms of positioning, packaging, flavours and messaging.

Kayamila Packaging - Singapore

The Insight

We delved deep into the psyche and habits of today’s consumers and drew learning from other western spreads and overall breakfast category to uncover opportunities. The outcomes and key insights informed the overall strategy to present kaya as the much loved choice of modern families by expanding its role beyond breakfast and tea-time occasions. With a proposition centered around “Open Up”, the brand was able to leverage on a compelling platform to introduce product innovations through contemporary and unexpected flavours that injected life and enhanced kaya’s relevance and appeal to new market segments.


To supplement the revitalised proposition, a new name was introduced. “Kayamila” represents Fong Yit’s ambitious goal to elevate the kaya category. The new name injects vibrancy into the product portfolio, and enabled the brand to stretch its influence, start anew with dynamism and energy, and raise the brand’s potential for innovation and appeal to a wider audience including the international market.

The Impact

Kayamila has been very well received in overseas markets and has already been launched in Singapore all dressed in new, refreshed packaging, supported with a PR and social media strategy that is continuously engaging consumers not just on what breakfast and tea times can be, but what life can avail when we simply… open up!

Kayamila Packaging - Singapore
Kayamila Packaging - Singapore