Desirable property

Creating a property consultancy brand worthy of the exclusive real estate they represent.

The Challenge

There had been a significant change in the Western Australian real estate market since Mack Hall first opened his business in 1994. With digital now driving consumer behaviour and new entrants crowding the upper-end of the prestige property market, it was time for one of Perth’s most well-known real estate agencies to take a fresh look at its brand.

The Insight

A brand audit, together with an analysis of the competitive Perth real estate market, revealed a clean break from the past was needed if Mack Hall was to re-establish itself as the premium property brand. There was a clear disconnect between how the agency was seen, and what it could deliver.

The Impact

The brand strategy was to position Mack Hall at the very top. To do this we created a new tagline, new brandmark and a new suite of branding and marketing communications that has transformed the agency’s entire customer experience. Not only has this brand rejuvenation made Mack Hall the most distinctive real estate agency in the market, it has opened doors and seen the agency’s sales after the launch break new records.