Royal Brunei Catering

From Catering To Culinary

Moving from ‘Catering’ to ‘Culinary’ to serve the world with confidence, style and talent.

The Challenge

Despite its state linkage, Royal Brunei Catering was facing multiple challenges. Both airline and other institutional customers were increasingly demanding high-quality food catering at lower prices and great service. RBC was being seen more as ‘vendor’ and less so for the actual high-quality culinary work that it produced it in its kitchens. The word ‘Catering’ was also devaluing its overall brand strength and reputation pitting it against the large number of mass caterers. RBC also wished to diversify beyond airline catering in a strategic way but first had to build its credentials as a professional and skilful culinary player.

The Insight

Stakeholders respected RBC as a national entity, worthy of potentially representing Brunei on a global culinary stage. We leveraged this strength by crafting the new brand promise ‘Taste of modern Brunei’ with the thought of RBC delivering the most trusted and delightful culinary experiences to Brunei and to Asia. To better represent the new brand positioning and strategy, DIA has also guided RBC in transitioning from a ‘Catering’ to a Culinary service provider through a name change by adopting the name ‘Royal Brunei Culinary’. Having ‘Culinary’ in the new name essentially captures what RBC now truly stands for as an organisation and brand, as it conveys a higher sense of professionalism and sophistication that it always aspires to bring through its food and service delivery.

DIA has also created a fresh new identity that fully embodies the values and attributes of the new RBC brand. The new design concept not only presents the brand’s professionalism in service, but also dramatisesmark culinary excellence through an elegant aroma, expressing the essence of RBC’s focus as a company that celebrates its culinary heritage, professionalism and the sheer talent of its team.

The Impact

‘Royal Brunei Culinary’ was launched in 2019 with the ground-breaking ceremony of its first centralised kitchen, this brought national and international interest and was covered in various media. With RBC now expanding its services beyond airline catering, strengthening its talent retention and acquisition strategies, focusing on building a ‘culinary’ culture and growing beyond Brunei.