Shang Brew

Beijing Landmark

Bringing Beijing’s industrial heritage to life through the city’s new premium entertainment and dining destination.

The Challenge

DIA was tasked to develop a brand positioning and identity for Shangri-La’s iconic new destination that reflected the unique industrial history of the location and attract premium customers looking for a unique dining experience. Located at the new Beijing landmark Shougang Park, Shang Brew is Shangri-La’s first standalone food and beverage establishment in Mainland China. With an array of craft beers expertly brewed in-house, exquisite culinary innovations and a unique historic location, Shang Brew is set to create an unparalleled gastronomical and social experience for guests.

The Insight

Adjacent to the signature Shougang No.3 Blast Furnace, Shang Brew boasts magnificent views of both Xiuchi Lake and Shijingshan Hill. Shang Brew’s design draws parallels between steel manufacturing processes and an industrial aesthetic, a tribute to the century long history of Shougang Park. DIA’s creative team captured this unique industrial aesthetic through the use of raw texture and materials, combined with the warmth of copper and gold that reflects the energy of the historic iron and steel manufacturing process.

This was combined with a mid-century aesthetic that was designed to appeal to Beijing’s aspiring elite through a combination of contemporary classic type and heritage forms that evoke the authenticity of the place and the history that it reflects.

The Impact

Shang Brew is more than a restaurant and a brew house, but a venue with thoughtful service that brings people together. As well as weekly live music performances, it will also host a series of “Shang Brew x Friends” themed programmes, connecting it’s indoor and outdoor spaces and setting the stage for guests to gather, connect with new friends, exchange ideas and find inspiration. The Shang Brew brand will be extended to other locations across the Shangri-La network in Asia and beyond, bringing a new aesthetic and experience to the world of craft beer inspired hospitality experiences.