Live better through sport

Transforming Singapore into a sporting nation through a new vision and brand intent.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2014

Excellence in Government Sector Marketing (Silver)

Sport Singapore Branding - Singapore
Sport Singapore Branding - Singapore

The Challenge

Vision 2030 defines a new vision for sport and a strategic shift in Singapore Sports Council’s (SSC) role in the local sporting landscape. With the objective of harnessing sport in uniting communities, SSC wanted a compelling brand proposition that empowers individuals to ‘Live Better Through Sport’ and provide the communications architecture to activate the brand at all levels.

Sport Singapore Branding - Singapore

The Insight

Appreciation of the context provided impetus to heighten SSC’s role as a change agent in fostering a sporting culture that can be relatable to all.


“Singapore Sport Council” was rebranded as “Sport Singapore”, signaling a bold change from government-sponsored to empowering people and bringing sport into the lives of all Singaporeans.


This was translated into a new visual identity, captured in a dynamic ‘sphere’ that represents the energy and fullness of life that sport brings to people of all ages and abilities.


This was supported by a new brand architecture that helped to streamline Sport Singapore’s initiatives, bringing clarity to the key sub-brands it drives through a monolithic endorsed brand architecture system anchored by the new Sport Singapore ‘sphere’ symbol.

The Impact

With the new direction that uses ‘sport as the strategy’ rather than having a ‘strategy for sport’, Sport Singapore has changed the way Singaporeans view and participate in sport. Singapore now has an enhanced national identity for sport; greater national pride with a focus on high performance national and international results; increasing levels of participation in sport and a more diversified economy through our vibrant sport industry.

Sport Singapore Branding - Singapore
Sport Singapore Branding - Singapore