Bridging the new gig economy with the needs of today’s growing new economy businesses

Bridging the gig economy with
the needs of today’s growing new
economy businesses.

The Challenge

Ascendas-Singbridge (ASB) has an Asia wide real estate portfolio. The emergence of new collaborative workplace solutions was a challenge and an opportunity that needed addressing. The solution is thebridge, a brand that combines the scale and power of it’s parent, with an appeal to the independent working community that comprises the ‘gig’ economy, to come together in a powerful compact, with the ambition to create the ‘future now’.

The Opportunity

DIA worked with the ASB team to understand the unique needs of both communities. The independent working community of freelancers and mobile expertise that is looking for innovation and inspiration in a fast changing world. Coming together with ASB’s core community of multinational and regional companies wanting to harness the best talent through a flexible workspace that could help them drive innovation. DIA proposed the name ‘thebridge’ as expressing the link between two communities, as well as a subtle reference to Singbridge in the parent’s name.

DIA’s design solution was a simple brand mark that expresses the connections that ‘thebridge’ represents. This was expanded through a matrix design that is incorporated into all the touchpoints of the brand from core brand logo to marketing communications, interior design, wayfinding and launch videos. DIA worked closely with ID designers to help integrate the brand concept into the interior experience, building a unique feel that effectively bridges the corporate and independent working worlds.

The Outcome

TStarting as a pilot project to test the concept at the Ascent in Singapore, the brand is being rolled out to ASB locations across Asia in the realization that flexible working communities are the future environment that young talent is seeking, and predicted to encompass over 50% of employment by 2030.