Building Sustainable Futures Forum

Visioning the future of the Agricultural
Commodities complex for a
sustainable world

The Challenge

Olam envisioned developing an event aimed at brining together the world’s leading agricultural commodities companies and NGOs together for the launch of the Global Agricultural Alliance (GAA) an Olam conceived initiative to address the pressing issues facing thfuture of the industry in the face of population growth and climate change.

The Insight

Olam asked DIA to help theme the event and create an identity that would reflect the event purpose to bring together industry leaders in a meaningful and fruitful dialogue. Olam wanted to position themselves as sponsor while maintaining the framework of the event as an independent forum for dialogue amongst industry leaders.

DIA created an event identity that strongly represented the core purpose of the forum as an exchange of ideas about the sustainable future of the industry and it’s context as an enabler of fundamental resources for a growing planetary population