#20 things we didn’t know last week

By  Quentin Berryman, Group Creative Director

#1 British artists accounted for one in every six LPs sold worldwide last year.

Photo: PhotoBlog

#2  Green light can help migraines.

#3  The Chinese government fabricates nearly 490 million social media posts every year.

#4  Google is patenting a “sticky” technology so that pedestrians who get hit by self-driving cars will stick to them rather than bounce off.

#5  Everyone has a distorted view of their body (but not other people’s).

#6 Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike than all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.


#7  Only seven women are allowed to wear white when meeting the Pope.

#8  You veer to the left when you’re anxious.

#9  Google paid Apple $1bn in 2014 to keep its search bar on iPhones.

#10  People living in penthouses are more likely to die of a heart attack.

#11 Fish stop swimming in space.

Photo: WallDevil

#12  Under Armour’s first patent was for a sports bra.

#13  The average iPhone user unlocks their mobile 80 times a day

#14  The ad executive behind the Nike slogan “Just do it” got the idea from the final words of condemned murderer Gary Gilmore.

#15  Singapore has the fastest walkers on the planet.

#16 Wales has 8% of the sheep in the EU.

Photo: Countryside

#17  Elvis Presely was a natural blond.

#18  Steve Jobs became a vegan because he believed the diet would eliminate the need to bathe.

#19  JK Rowling was advised to take a writing course when she sent a manuscript to publishers under a false name.

#20 Wikipedia has 80,000 monthly editors.