DIA Brands wins at the Marketing Excellence Awards Singapore 2016 for Kayamila

Photograph courtesy of Marketing Magazine.

DIA Brands’ entry Kayamila has won Bronze at the Marketing Excellence Awards Singapore 2016 for ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy’.


DIA Brands worked closely with Fong Yit to reposition and launch Fong Yit Kaya under a new brand name ‘Kayamila’. In a market sector dominated by well-known western brands, DIA repositioned Kayamila with a more global, easy to understand proposition that placed it clearly in the popular breakfast category.


The brand’s core promise of ‘Opening Up Possibilities’ was developed with the objective of opening up consumers to uses of kaya, in addition to the traditional breakfast category, with innovative new flavours such as Sea-Salt Caramel and Calamansi Citrus that are also ideal for enhancing the taste of desserts, cakes and more.


Kayamila has received strong support from consumers, retailers and media in its home market Singapore but is also being embraced by markets such as Taiwan, Europe, Australia and beyond. The re-launch is being supported by a fresh strategy that includes retail activation and consumer marketing overseas. It has also been grabbing the attention of consumers and food enthusiasts on the innovative uses of kaya, truly living up to the Kayamila brand promise.



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