Illumination though

Harnessing energy for the betterment of humanity.

The Challenge

DIA was engaged to help realise the full potential of Avialite, the leading manufacturer of LED aviation obstruction lighting in Malaysia. However, there were many untold stories from the unsung heroes who risk their lives daily to keep our skies safe for us, they weren’t able to communicate their brand story and create meaningful conversations around the brand.

The Insight

Discovery was at the core of our strategy – we conducted competitor audit and communications audit, as well as a half day thought-provoking visioning workshop with the leadership team, leaving no stone unturned and we discovered their white space. Avialite has been about solving unsolved challenges through thoughtful design. Since pioneering Malaysia’s first LED Aviation Obstruation Beacon and Warning Light in 2004, Avialite have been on a path of unstoppable innovation, designing and perfecting lighting solutions to customers around the world. Imagination is Avialite’s key intellectual capital and the catalyst for the business. As champions of positive impact, Avialite continuously invest in research and development to bring about meaningful innovation.


Armed with imagination as the key asset of the organisation and the catalyst for the business, we began to envision a brand world for Avialite by giving them a mantra of “Illumination through Imagination” where they will inspire with brighter ideas and new possibilities for the aviation lighting industry, solve the unsolved problems through clever design and partnerships and empower people, communities and our planet to thrive because they care deeply for their wellbeing. A brand platform of THINK, SEE and WORK in a new light were created to help guide Avialite.

The Impact

Supported by a new strategy, positioning, and brand identity, Avialite transformed to represent a whole ecosystem of products and services that people can interact with – one that inspires employees, instills trust in partners and suppliers, and captivates the people. We also helped Avialite step back into the spotlight at the launch of their brand new green factory. Stronger and more vibrant than ever, the brand now shines with an identity that aspires to inspire.