For 25 years DIA has researched, innovated, designed and communicated brands in Asia and connected them to the world. We create business advantage for our clients and deliver remarkable brand experiences to support their sustainable brand growth.

Review brand impact

We provide market research and insight methodologies to help understand and vision the future for brands. Qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic and semiotic techniques combine to help develop a deep understanding of customers, markets, and cultures for a unique perspective on each brand we engage

Reframe brand strategy

We connect brands to customers in new ways through award-winning strategy and design

Strategy that is centred on customers, that imagines new futures, then engages and re-frames the purpose and value the brand brings to all it’s participants

Design that brings the brand story to life with a focus on simplicity and consistency, providing unique solutions across all touchpoints and customer experiences

Regrow brand strength

Strong brands build long-term loyalty and create business advantage. We combine marketing strategies with the tools to manage your brand across all customer touch points. This is supported by brand culture building to ensure a shared brand message across your people, partners and customers

Brands designed by DIA


Launching the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange

The Bridge

Bridging the new gig economy with the needs of today’s growing new economy businesses


A passion to delight
SATS Branding - Singapore


Visioning the future of the Agricultural Commodities complex for a sustainable world

Maxx Coffee

Inspire customers to have an appetite for life, love and living, the MAXX Coffee Way