ABC Stout
Brewed for inner strength.

Bringing new strength to Singapore’s leading dark beer.

The Challenge
ABC Stout is Singapore’s leading stout brand. Locally brewed and bottled, ABC Extra Stout is Singapore’s Original Stout of German heritage, that is produced according to stringent international quality standards. Its distinct malty and aromatic flavour also boasts a bittersweet after-taste. Owned jointly by Guinness and Asia Pacific Breweries, ABC has been in the market since 1931.

APB wanted to address competition in the market between Guinness and ABC and develop a proposition for the brand that would be more appealing to local drinkers who view ABC as an inferior brand, though they preferred the sweeter taste.

The Insight
Qualitative research indicated that even though drinkers preferred the taste of ABC, the brand was not appealing and considered inferior to Guinness. Often they would drink ABC but at the same time conceal the bottle. DIA developed the proposition ‘Brewed for inner strength’ to convey a stronger and more respected positioning.

This was supported by a powerful new brand mark incorporating a dynamic black lion that was then translated to a new range of packaging for the launch. Quantitative research indicated a clear increase in preference for the refreshed brand image against the competition and reassessment of the ABC offer.

The Impact
The brand refresh and re-designed packaging has given ABC a new lease of life with consumers, resulting in a significant increase in brand preference and enhancement in sales year on year. ABC stout continues to maintain a strong position in the regional market and was awarded the Best Stout in Asia in the Asia Beer Awards 2010.