Bintang Beer
Best served with friends.

Creating a refreshed brand for Bintang against emerging international competition.

The Challenge
Bintang was Indonesia’s leading beer brand with over 70% market share.

Bintang had become a national icon over the past 30 years and a ubiquitous presence in every bar and restaurant across the country. Increased interest in imported beers had begun to erode Bintang’s share, in a market which had become very commoditised.

The challenge was to reassess Bintang’s position as a market leader and understand it’s appeal to the whole range of Indonesian drinkers, from Dangdut bars to the premium lounges of international hotels.

The Insight
DIA conducted extensive research into usage and attitude towards the brand and understood that beer drinking is very much a social activity in Indonesia. Beer is part of the social scene at all levels of society in the context of a liberal but regulated Islamic society.

A new brand proposition based around socialising with the positioning ‘Best served with friends’ and a new brand design that expressed the inclusive personality of the brand was developed.

The Impact
This was the platform to re-launch Bintang, to strengthen its credentials as a national icon and build on its strong links with local beer drinkers at all levels of society.

Today Bintang continues to maintain its position as Indonesia’s leading beer brand in a fast-changing market.