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Revitalising the brand Dunlopillo and revolutionising the mattress retailing experience.

Singapore Design Awards 2012

Branding (Silver)

Dunlopillo Branding - Malaysia
Dunlopillo Branding - Malaysia

The Challenge

Staying relevant in changing times is one of the key challenges that a veteran brand faces. We were entrusted with the challenge to transform the retail brand by finding new ways for consumers to experience and resonate with the brand.

Dunlopillo Branding - Malaysia

The Impact

Rapid prototyping was done with dealers throughout Malaysia to ensure that the new Dunlopillo way was set to WOW and continued to create special moments for its customers day after day.

Dunlopillo Branding - Malaysia

The Insight

Pushing the boundaries of insight and foresight through extensive research, competitive studies and retail experience audits, we helped the Dunlopillo team take imaginative leaps into the future.


Perfecting the art of sleep, we redefined Dunlopillo’s association, beyond functional mattresses to ‘celebrating special moments’. Positioning Dunlopillo as a trusted brand that has always been there to care for the wellbeing of families, we are in fact, helping people make the most of their awake moments by helping them get the best sleep of their lives.


Thus began the transformation of the brand experience from mattress retailing to sleep consulting. Among many other notable initiatives were online sleep and mattress profiling, customer archetype based product innovation, customer-focused retail experience based on the concept of cocooning.

Dunlopillo Branding - Malaysia