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Uncovering the greater purpose of health equipment retail through innovative brand strategy.

Ogawa Branding - Singapore

The Challenge

In order to take health equipment retail to a whole new level, our challenge was to cut through the market place clutter and set Ogawa apart from its competitors by defining an identity that resonates among its consumers.

Ogawa Branding - Singapore

The Insight

After holding extensive retail and perception audits, we unlocked the true potential of the brand while uncovering the organisation’s goal. To share ‘the heart of wellness’ by adding value to the lives of the customers by inspiring them to adopt healthy practices and lead a balanced and harmonious life. Leveraging from this insight, we moved to craft a well-defined brand roadmap to bring about a brand, retail, and culture revival.


To cascade Ogawa’s goal across various consumer touchpoints, we embarked on a series of meaningful transformations. The organisation experienced a paradigm shift as we transformed its business model from product push to well-being focused. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing Ogawa’s sales promoters energised with a greater purpose as wellness advisors. We also successfully revitalised Ogawa’s brand identity system to share the joys of wellness using the specially-created, ‘happy world’ supergraphics.


Believing in the value of experience design, we also worked to bring Ogawa’s new-found purpose to life through customer experience in its retail stores. We revolutionised Ogawa’s retail experiences based on the ‘oasis of discovery’ – a place that engages and delights the five senses.

The Impact

With brand systems and processes in place, Ogawa is currently cascading the brand with renewed fervour.

Ogawa Branding - Singapore
Ogawa Branding - Singapore