Y3 Technologies

Reframing Y3 as an enabler for today’s businesses.

Reframing Y3 as an enabler for today’s businesses.

The Challenge

For over 20 years, Y3 Technologies has been the systems division of YCH, Asia’s largest logistics group. The decision was taken to bring Y3 out from the YCH Group umbrella under new management and relaunch the company as a leading global systems integrator and CRM provider.

The Insight

Our research revealed that in order to succeed in a cluttered and confused market of competing technology providers, Y3 needed to position itself as a provider of solutions to business that are transformational and that translate needs and expectations into lucrative opportunities.

A new vision was crafted for a better future, inspired by people and powered by technology. This envisaged Y3 on a journey with its customers and people to reinvent tomorrow through innovative technology solutions that make an impact on the way we think, live and work.

The new brand positioning has been supported by an impactful brand design that positions Y3 as an innovative and leading company that is ready to deconstruct the norm, learn from the best and grow the new with courage and curiosity.

The Impact

Y3 was launched in mid 2016 and has gained immediate success, developing projects across a broad range of customers from smaller SMEs, to large corporations and city infrastructure systems in the region. Y3 is on the way to becoming a global name in the systems integration and CRM sectors. It is now in a strong position to capitalise on the emergence of e-commerce and the many changes in the economy being driven by systems and information technology.