Making the
complex simple

Bringing a global complex services business together under one brand

The Challenge

SRG is a publicly listed global complex services company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Built since 1961 to take on the infrastructure and mining projects others consider too challenging, the company has brought its unique blend of innovation to many of the world’s iconic stadiums, skyscrapers, bridges, dams, structures and mining projects. Formerly two businesses, Structural Systems and Rock Australia, due to a corporate restructure a decision was made to unify the company under the name SRG Limited to refocus and reposition the business for global growth.

The Insight

The company’s promise to its customers was to ‘make the complex simple’. DIA Brands’ approach to this major rebrand was to bring simplicity and clarity to the way the business told its story and built its brand across all its physical and digital interactions. Change communications were developed to bring customers along on the journey and the business’ new brand positioning and new organisational values were brought to life throughout the new company headquarters to help create a unified culture.

The Impact

Since the restructure and rebranding, SRG’s share price and market capitalisation has more than doubled, and the business has captured the attention of the Australian investment community. The company is now one business and one brand, and is in a strong position to continue its focus on growth, expansion and acquisition.

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