Be Liquid

Launching the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange

The Challenge

In a world of stagnating markets and low interest rates, cryptocurrency trading has emerged as an exciting but volatile opportunity to trade currencies for potentially much higher returns. Liquid by Quoine is the world’s first fully regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Liquid presents a bridge between the security of traditional fiat markets and the opportunity

The Challenge

presented by trading Cryptocurrency on a more secure platform. Liquid is fast, easy to operate and offers unequalled opportunities for inter-currency trading across and within both crypto and fiat domains.

The challenge was to position the world’s first fully regulated crypto/fiat exchange in a market where volatility is the predominant theme and adoption of crypto currencies is still in a very emerging stage of development.

The Opportunity

The lead strategy in positioning the exchange was to adopt the name ‘Liquid’ to replace the corporate name Quione as the carrier of the brand. Liquid encompasses the core value proposition of the exchange which is to bring a new source of liquidity to business in an increasingly illiquid world.

The Liquid brand strategy has been supported by a dynamic new identity system and messaging platform that communicates the positioning of the brand across a wide range of platforms from web to social, events, environmental and internal engagement channels. The symbol was developed based on the notion that Liquid is the bridge — between fiat and crypto, from possibility to opportunity, and from present into the future.

The Outcome

The website is a sophisticated and dynamic expression of the appeal that Liquid has to both retail and professional or institutional investors. This brings together all the core messages of the brand in a uniquely engaging way.