Every moment matters!

Making family & friends bond over easy and delicious food.

The Challenge

Farmpride is a part of Country Foods, a SATS BRF Company and a household name in Singapore for over 25 years. A well established snacks and meals brand, it has been known most famously for its iconic thumb logo and chicken nuggets, however over time it had lost appeal especially with the younger generation and millennial families. Dated packaging and communications needed immediate attention through a completely fresh review of the strategy and design.

The Insight

A comprehensive consumer research enabled us to learn that in today’s time starved lifestyles, conveniently prepared delicious food enables families to not worry about cooking and instead focus on enjoying precious time together. The tagline ‘Every moment matters’ reaffirms the brand belief of bringing people together over shared happiness.


The packaging used this strategic approach by illustrating a series of occasions directly on the packs that depict these joyful moments, be it a family picnic or a birthday party. With a refreshed ‘thumb’ identity and dynamic new packaging the brand received a complete boost and was further supported by a robust communication and launch strategy.

The Outcome

Farmpride has been going from strength to strength with high visibility at key retail stores such as Fairprice, Giant and Cold Storage garnering higher sales and popularity amongst consumers. It has now become a truly engaging brand, using much of the brand thinking on its website, social media as well as on going promotions.