A Taste For Life

Inspire customers to have an  appetite for life, love and living, the MAXX Coffee Way

The Challenge

MAXX Coffee is a leading local coffee brand under the Lippo Group in Indonesia. With outlets across Jakarta and all the major cities MAXX Coffee competes directly with international competition such as Starbucks for the premium Indonesian customer.

Maxx coffee has been redesigned to set a new, higher benchmark in the Indonesian market for coffee shop retail brands. Maxx coffee as a solution to what people want/ don’t yet know what they want. Maxx coffee is designed to be the answer for people wanting an excellent Coffee drinking experience with international standard (offerings) but with a local flavour: (80:20)

The Opportunity

A new specialty-standard coffee shop and retail concept specifically designed to attract the ’new Indonesian’ (middle class) customer, as well as to build confidence and pride in a successful local business with offerings to international standards.

The Maxx Coffee way is to inspire our customers to have an appetite for life, love and living. The Maxx inspiration is made relevant by interacting, engaging and connecting…fun and being unpretentious, Coffee fully embraces ‘A Taste For Life’.

The Outcome

Maxx Coffee brings people together in a cheerful and easy ambience, with exceptional coffee and excellent food and service that is authentic, genuine and honest. The identity design moves the brand into the premium segment of the market above its main competition.

This captures the fast-growing middle-class millennial segment who aspire to international quality and experiences. The traditional ‘owl’ icon has been re-designed to reflect this aspiration and positioning. This has been applied to retail concepts and rolled out to a full brand identity system