Ideas Unleashed

Innovation can be found everywhere.

WILDCATS are mavericks who see possibilities where others don’t.

The Challenge

Enterprises need innovation to grow. They have resources but they also have limitations…Aspiring entrepreneurs have specialised skills and creative ideas. They seek opportunities but lack resources and a platform to collaborate and express their ideas…Aspiring entrepreneurs from different backgrounds are bursting with creative energies and hungry for opportunities.
Wildcats is a global open innovation platform that brings together enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs to collaborate, ideate, and bring to life ground-breaking solutions that tackle complex real world business challenges.

The Insight

Wildcats provides a platform that brings together innovation-hungry enterprises and the rich diversity of its entrepreneurial community to innovate, create and disrupt. Wildcats ventures beyond the familiar confines of conventional ideas and ways of doing things to uncover revolutionary ideas and disruptive solutions. Wildcats needed a new narrative to connect their aspirations and opportunities.

They also needed a visual identity that captured the gritty, bold, playful and imaginative persona of their people, and the community of innovators that they represent. This meant a deep dive into the psyche of the brand and the inspirations that make it unique and engaging for it’s people, as well as the community they work with.

The Impact

Now there are no limits to where WILDCATS can go…well there never was, but they will go with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to be the mavericks for change. Sure in the knowledge that 80% of innovation is not technology driven, but ideas driven and that they can make the difference.