Abundance and Prosperity

Bringing Coca-Cola together with the traditional spirit of Lunar New Year

The Challenge

Coca-Cola wanted to find an innovative way of combining their brand with the traditional messages of Chinese New Year in Singapore and Malaysia. Typically the approach in the past of simply applying gold motifs to the can was not balanced or integrated with the brand.

The Opportunity

DIA realized that a new way of thinking about the brand was required. The idea of merging the traditional festive motifs of with the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle in a way that mimics traditional Chinese ceramics would create a unique integration of the brand with the spirit of the festival. Selecting 8 traditional new year motifs, we created patterns that were merged with the bottle shape and applied to a range of collectable cans, as well as multi packs and an omni-channel advertising campaign that ran throughout the new year festive period.

The Outcome

The design approach has led the way to a more flexible application of the Coca-Cola brand to festive promotions. Combining the strength of the brand with the emotional connection to much loved traditional motifs helps strengthen the connection between consumers and the world’s most recognized brand