Life’s natural treats!

Bringing a traditional brand to life and elevating its proposition for growth.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2012

Packaging Design (Gold)

Nature's Wonders Packaging - Singapore

The Challenge

Nature’s Wonders, a healthier range of nuts from Tai Sun, is amongst one of the best quality dry roasted nuts in the market. Consumer research however, showed that the brand had very low awareness and retail visibility, and was perceived as being expensive. To help the brand unlock its value, Tai Sun saw that a clearer proposition was needed.

Nature's Wonders Packaging - Singapore

The Insight

Consumers are increasingly choosing pure and natural healthy snacks over unhealthy ones. In this context, nature plays a crucial role in developing the right cues for the consumer to accept the brand as ‘pure’ and ‘natural’. DIA helped create an impactful positioning for the brand by leveraging its name and crafting a brand story built on the idea of ‘natural good living’.


The packaging captured healthy, nature-based imagery infused with elements of dynamism and style to enhance its ‘pick up’ value. The brand tagline ‘Life’s natural treats’ reinforced the purity of the nuts, reminding us that Nature’s bounty provides us with natural treats.

The Impact

Nature’s Wonders enjoyed resounding approval amongst the trade resulting in a move from lower-shelf to eye-level display, a move that boost revenue by 65% within three months of launch without additional advertising budget. This phenemenol success in such a short span of time is the result of an insightful re-positioning and an effective strategic packaging design.

Nature's Wonders Packaging - Singapore