Enabling opportunities
through aviation

A new direction for Singapore’s aviation authority, growing a city, connecting the world.

Singapore Design Awards 2009

Brand Identity (Merit)

CAAS Branding - Singapore
CAAS Branding - Singapore

The Challenge

As an enabler of the civil aviation sector, CAAS promotes and develops the aviation industry in Singapore, and expands the nation’s links to the rest of the world. Having reliquished its role as operator of Changi Airport, CAAS needed to develop a new vision and mission to help re-define its role.

CAAS Branding - Singapore

The Insight

Through research with internal and external stakeholders and a series of management workshops the new vision “A leader in civil aviation; a city connecting the world” was developed that positions CAAS at the heart of Singapore’s economic development. Its new mission “To grow a safe, vibrant air hub and civil aviation system, making a key contribution to Singapore’s success” emphasises the organisation’s focus on enabling opportunities through aviation. DIA also helped to crystallise a set of core values around Safety, People, Integrity, Customers and Excellence, bringing about a belief system that is guiding CAAS in all its decisions and actions.


The new CAAS is expressed in a refreshed brand identity that has been applied across all CAAS communications and anchors the new brand positioning for the future.

CAAS Branding - Singapore

The Impact

The new vision has helped focus CAAS’ strategic agenda in the development of Singapore as a global aviation industry hub. The glowing accolades CAAS has received from global aviation authorities is a testament to the success of this strategy and the opportunities it presents in the future development of Singapore.

CAAS Branding - Singapore