Making indulgence
a daily habit

Elevating and rebranding Meadow Gold and reframing conversations about what eating ice cream really means.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2015

Excellence in Brand Strategy (Finalist)

Meadow Gold Ice Cream Packaging - Malaysia

The Challenge

Meadow Gold ice cream was a heritage brand lost in the sea of sameness. We were commissioned to create a strong brand strategy leading to a well-differentiated value proposition and a compelling new packaging design that would cut through the noise and help Meadow Gold reclaim its glory days.

The Insight

Understanding the purchase drivers in the category and riding on the taste credentials of dairy ice cream, F&N repositioned Meadow Gold from an ordinary mass-market proposition to an indulgent and premium proposition in the market. Here to satiate the cravings of true ice cream lovers; here to elevate the ordinary and make pleasure an everyday affair.


This led to the birth of a more premium “Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection” in four new flavours – Lush Red Velvet, Bold Chocolate Decadence, Delectable Caramel Pecan and Heavenly Macadamia. We came up with these luxurious names for the flavours and developed complementing packaging designs in line with the desired indulgence aspect.


Building on the visual cues of the crest, we transferred the equity to the new Meadow Gold brand. Making a bold and sophisticated statement in black, with the meticulously handcrafted logotype emblazoned in gold. On the pack, we created a richer visual vocabulary in form of waves while dialing up the authenticity of the ingredients.


The pack communication was developed to tempt, tease and entice even the most discerning aficionados.

The Impact

Meadow Gold’s Indulgence Collection has been well received with the gross profit margins of the brand increasing to 55% and new customers growing by 17% after the first month of launch. Consumers are actively coming forth to share the joy of making pleasure a habit.

Meadow Gold Ice Cream Packaging - Malaysia
Meadow Gold Ice Cream Packaging - Malaysia
Meadow Gold Ice Cream Packaging - Malaysia