pride & joy

Bringing back the love for home-cooked meals.

Singapore Design Awards 2016

Communication: Branding (Gold)

Samsui Sauces Packaging - Singapore

The Challenge

A unique supply chain in high quality ginger and other fresh ingredients combined with declining interest in cooking at home was at the heart of Samsui’s concern when it decided to undertake a strategic review of its range of cooking sauces. The question was how to bring back the love for home cooking when in reality more people wanted to just dine out because of convenience?

Samsui Sauces Packaging - Singapore
Samsui Sauces Packaging - Singapore

The Insight

Research revealed that many homemakers actually wanted to cook at home but were not confident of their cooking skills. This combined with a high priority on authenticity and the resonance of the Samsui women’s story and traditions formed the inspiration for the brand refresh.


Inspired by these modern-day consumer sentiments, and with an understanding of Samsui’s future plans, an opportunity was found in creating a brand centred on the idea of ‘Pride and Joy’ in home cooking supported by the Samsui story.


The new brand identity featuring a stylised Samsui woman, together with a packaging design that features had crafted illustrations that bring the brand essence to life, so it evokes a sense of nostalgia and through crafted storytelling that draws on a commitment to uphold the Samsui women’s ideals.

Samsui Sauces Packaging - Singapore
Samsui Sauces Packaging - Singapore

The Impact

This laid the foundation for a brand framework and architecture that seamlessly blend the proposition of the Samsui corporate and sauce brands, so that together, Samsui better differentiates itself from other similar and more established market players through a unique and distinctive new presence on shelf.