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NLB National Library Board Branding - Singapore

The Challenge

The National Library Board (NLB) is one of the most well-regarded public institutions in Singapore. It was first established to revamp the local library system so as to boost efficiency, but also to serve as a catalyst in creating a cultural shift towards a knowledge based economy in Singapore.


However this vision was not being clearly communicated across a portfolio that critically needed re-organisation.

NLB National Library Board Branding - Singapore
NLB National Library Board Branding - Singapore

The Insight

DIA was engaged to undertake a comprehensive audit of the brand and its range of services. The insights and strategic recommendations resulted in a new brand vision – ‘Knowledge, Imagination, Possibility’ – that reflected NLB’s growing portfolio of information and knowledge services. This provided the foundation for new messaging that was developed for different audiences and stakeholders.


A clearer brand architecture was also developed to rationalise the relationships between the NLB master brand, the sub-brands of its services and other operating entities, all built on the NLB brand identity which was given a more contemporary new san serif logotype. This was also applied to the identity and wayfinding for the new National Library Building

The Impact

NLB has more than lived up to its vision and is today a global case study of innovation. It has since created other distinct offers in the form of specialty libraries located within lifestyle destinations like downtown malls and the Esplanade arts centre, also developed by DIA, as it continues to support social, cultural and economic development and stay relevant with the changing landscape.

NLB National Library Board Branding - Singapore
NLB National Library Board Branding - Singapore