IJM Land

A New Era,
A New Promise,
A Renewed Commitment.

A brand refresh for a leading Malaysian developer to usher in a new era, with a new promise and a renewed commitment.

The Challenge

IJM Construction has been around for over 30 years. IJM Land was created more than a decade ago from the merger of IJM Construction and Road Builders.


Despite its strong IJM Construction heritage of quality and international presence long before other developers even ventured across the shores, IJM Land has always taken a modest approach in positioning and marketing themselves. Other developers like Gamuda claimed sustainability, Ecoworld fulfilled prestige aspirations, but although IJM Land was considered a top developer offering value, it appeared to lack a clear brand image, differentiating and unique brand positioning vs others.

The Insight

From the very beginning, IJM has always focused on sincerity, customer centricity and uncompromising quality unlike any other. With the ability to appreciate customers’ aspirations and hopes, IJM Land’s unique positioning lies in crafting spaces that truly reflect the needs and wants of the consumers. For today and the future.


Their sincerity is borne out by their adoption of an even more sustainable approach that goes beyond just their developments, but the entire process, even getting their vendors and partners green certified to ensure a holistic sustainability implementation.

DIA’s Role

DIA crafted a guiding philosophy and positioning that communicates IJM Land as a prominent player in the industry that not only empathises with people and communities, but partners, vendors, and the environment.


‘Hence, the birth of “Distinctively IJM” – that isn’t not just about what we do, but how and why we do what we do. A philosophy that represents a unique approach to development that promises to deliver unique spaces and experiences for each customer as unique as they are themselves.’


Thereby, challenging the status quo of how property is crafted in this category.