Giving the unsung heroes
in nature a voice

Breathing new life into the destination and creating a purposeful existence that frames magical encounters with nature.

Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm Branding - Malaysia

The Challenge

When the Penang Butterfly Farm (PBF) opened its doors in the 1980s, it became one of the largest research and breeding centres for tropical butterflies and rose in fame as Penang’s prime tourist attraction. However, staying ahead in the expectation economy requires a new way of thinking and being. This became the call for reinvention, a call to regain relevance.

Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm Branding - Malaysia

The Insight

An intensive soul-searching process led us to an amazing revelation. Invertebrates, the silent majority, represent 80% of life on our planet. Working tirelessly to maintain the balance of nature, these unsung heroes were in need of a champion to stand up for them and give them a voice. That was PBF’s true calling. We assisted PBF’s management in creating the new name, brand and destination: Entopia – an idyllic and magical destination that helps people re-connect with nature. Together with them, we created the brand’s approach and guidelines and the entire destination experience of Entopia. Collectively, we inspired a new and unified beginning for its employees. This glorious world of nature is being embraced and celebrated by all of its employees and is carried through all the marketing communications and collaterals.

The Impact

“DIA Brands has indeed help find the missing key to unlock the future identity of Penang Butterfly Farm, with their in-depth re-branding approach, my team was able to eventually realise our value and brand importance without which we would not have come to the metamorphosis of this new brand…. Entopia!” – Joseph Goh, CEO Entopia

Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm Branding - Malaysia
Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm Branding - Malaysia