Reimagining Johor’s
New Administrative Centre

Reinventing the new administrative centre of Johor to promote tourism and drive economic, social and political value.

Singapore Design Awards 2012

Multi-Disciplinary Design (Bronze)

Kota Iskandar Branding - Malaysia

The Challenge

It all began with a dream to create an administrative centre like no other – a destination that’s founded on humanity, embracing Islamic design elements yet perfectly harmonising with Johor’s history, culture and nature.

Kota Iskandar Branding - Malaysia

The Insight

Pushing for radical innovation, we helped bring Johor’s living legacy to life by reshaping public, tourist and investor experiences.


Adopting an outside-in approach, we invited participants to step into the shoes of various tourist archetypes and immerse in experiences including Dialogue in the Dark, Feng Shui Tours, NatGeo store etc. An ideation workshop was then facilitated to help the respective stakeholders co-create the future.


Random connections were the order of the day, as teams ideated. This led to the conceptualisation of Malaysia’s first experiential parliament, as well as the design and prototyping of the parliament tour experience, replete with compelling stories that make an impact.

Kota Iskandar Branding - Malaysia

The Impact

The futuristic vision of the State made real – fuelled by the conviction of Cahaya Jauhar and the branding expertise of DIA – Kota Iskandar: a must-see destination of Johor today!

Kota Iskandar Branding - Malaysia
Kota Iskandar Branding - Malaysia
Kota Iskandar Branding - Malaysia