By friends,
for friends

Re-positioning an award-winning F&B group to reflect corporate aspirations for a strong employer and employee brand compact… “Fulfilling Friendships”.

The Challenge

Amidst rising competition and labour crunch, Les Amis Group has been expanding its portfolio to embrace new, diverse concepts and market segments. As the Group strategised its next phase of growth, it became increasingly critical that it take stock of its brand and chart a clear direction forward.

Les Amis Group Branding - Singapore
Les Amis Group Branding - Singapore

The Insight

Inspired by its name, which is French for ‘the friends’, we created a brand story around the idea of ‘fulfilling friendships’, embodied in the tagline ‘By Friends, For Friends’ which provided concrete direction for people development, innovation, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The new identity design deftly expresses the Group’s belief in people, and places the individual at the core of its signature. Leveraging on the revitalised brand strategy and identity, we developed a two-pronged engagement approach that positions Les Amis Group for talent attraction through the Friends First programme, and provided structure to people development through the LEAPFROG programme.

Les Amis Group Branding - Singapore
Les Amis Group Branding - Singapore

The Impact

Riding on opportunities made available by the region’s burgeoning middle class, Les Amis Group has since extended its franchise with different brands introduced in Myanmar, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.


The Group has also embedded the pillars of LEAPFROG in LAwards – a culinary challenge it co-organises with the Singapore Tourism Board and Workforce Development Agency to groom local talents.


The Les Amis Group brand values have also been woven into various concepts and a staff training curriculum, to ensure every staff is a friend first.

Les Amis Group Branding - Singapore