Testing Innovation

As technology rapidly progresses and integrates with every aspect of how the world works, testing becomes crucial to fully realise the possibilities of global advancement.

The Challenge

AEM is a global leader in test innovation – delivering customized, application specific semiconductor and electronics test and handling solutions. By innovating test, AEM enables it’s customers to fully realise the potential of technology and propel the advancement of countless products and systems that shape and connect technology, by leading the world into a future of system level testing.

The Insight

AEM has set itself the task of redefining test. It has established global leadership in application specific intelligent system test and handling solutions for semiconductor and electronics companies serving advanced computing, 5G, and AI markets. Though not the largest producer of semiconductor testing instrumentation, AEM is leading the way through building a diversified technology group. This required a clear strategy and intent for the newly formed group to collaborate and succeed. DIA helped AEM focus by defining a new brand purpose, to realise A Zero Failure World where technology integrates with every aspect of how the world works and testing becomes crucial to mitigate the exponential risk created, so we can fully realise possibilities of technological advancement.

DIA developed a new AEM brand marque to unify the group that adopts a contemporary expanded font expressing the advanced technology focus of the company’s capabilities in system level testing. The ’A’ has adopted a deliberately simplified form via the elimination of the bar creating a progressive and minimalist shape.The three letters combine together to express momentum and the positioning of the logotype within the sphere expresses AEM’s relationship to an expansive world of innovation and advanced technology.

The Impact

AEM is expressing a new dynamism in the world of semiconductor testing. The strategy to unify the group around a singular brand has been realised through the development of an enclosing super graphic device that brings together subsidiary brands in the architecture and powerful messaging to anchor AEM’s growth as a new global powerhouse in system level testing.