Singapore National Youth Orchestra

Creating Extraordinary

Unlocking the vibrancy and energy of Singapore’s youth orchestra.

The Challenge

Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO) had established a reputation of being one of the most prestigious performing groups in Singapore, with a tight-knit community of the nation’s best young musicians.

However, its image of prestige could come across as intimidating, even rigid, and the challenge was to reposition the orchestra to let its vibrancy and youthfulness shine through, to be more accessible for potential members and audiences.


The Insight

A robust research process led us to understand the characteristics and needs of the young musical community and its various stakeholders.

The core insight was that while these young musicians wanted to hone their talent through quality, rigorous training, they also value being part of a vibrant, creative community, to be immersed in shared experiences as they create extraordinary music and memories together.

We wanted to uplift the brand’s image by capturing the artistic excellence and uniqueness of each individual in the orchestra, while expressing an open, welcoming and youthful community. .

The Solution

The new positioning statement, ’Creating Extraordinary’ expresses talented young musicians from all walks of life coming together in a nurturing and vibrant environment to create an extraordinary community. It represents a vibrant environment that unlocks musical potential and shapes unforgettable experiences.

The brand positioning was expressed through a fresh, youthful identity, that reflects the openness and vibrancy of the orchestra. The Glow was created as the core brand symbol – a vibrant and flexible expression of the brand. The Glow has multi-faceted meaning, soundwaves and the extraordinary music created, the coming together of young musicians, the energy of the youth, and the spark of new friendships and extraordinary experiences.

The new identity visual system injected energy and optimism to all key brand touchpoints, including the website, posters, and internal communications.

The Impact

With a clearly defined and well expressed brand, SNYO has been successful in bringing new energy into Singapore’s musical landscape.

With consistent application of the brand identity and messaging, SNYO has engaged its members and audiences around a passion for extraordinary music, and a flourishing community of young musicians.