Far Ocean

Mark of freshness

Re-positioning a leading global supplier of premium long-line fish for the HORECA trade and retail market.

The Challenge

Far Ocean is Singapore’s leading global supplier of long-line fish including tuna, swordfish and marlin, with an international reputation for freshness from ship to plate. With increasing international regulations on the long-line industry Far Ocean wanted to focus on building its business in the HORECA and retail sectors. The acquisition of Swiss Butchery enabled Far Ocean to expand its domestic processing and chill chain delivery.

The Insight

Research revealed that there was an opportunity for a premium distributer of seafood and high quality fresh and processed meats in the Singapore market. DIA developed a premium positioning and identity for the Far Ocean brand to support its approach to high-end restaurants and retailers. The acquisition of Swiss Butchery enabled the development of a combined distribution network for the hospitality and retail sectors. At the same time a retail brand was developed under the name Frisch as a platform for premium retail seafood sales alongside Swiss Butchery.

The Impact

The result has been a successful re-launch of Far Ocean into the hospitality trade and the entry of the Frisch seafood brand into the retail market alongside the well-established Swiss Butchery brand that was also re-branded by DIA and launched at the same time.