Towards a

A complete makeover for a challenger telecom brand to take on the idiosyncratic market of Brunei.


Communication: Branding (Gold)

Asia Communications Awards 2016

Best Brand Campaign
Project of the Year

Progresif Cellular Branding - Malaysia

The Challenge

With declining market share and diminishing relevance with the Bruneians, Progresif was facing the mammoth challenge of re-inventing itself to gain significant market share in the telco sector.

Progresif Cellular Branding - Malaysia

The Insight

Deep diving into the Bruneian psyche revealed the gap between the real self and the projected self. Although deeply rooted in tradition, we realised that Bruneians were also global netizens who were very future-ready.


By giving power to the people with the freedom to do more, the real and the projected self will meet in the ‘Progresif self’. Staying true to the brand philosophy of seamless connectivity, we combined the frames of change and the Jawi-inspired calligraphy in a powerful identity – a classic amalgamation of progress, and the rich Bruneian culture reflected through the design language.

Progresif Cellular Branding - Malaysia

The Impact

Previously at a 5% market share, Progresif has gained a remarkable 25% market share within 3 months of its successful re-launch in May 2015. With over 100,000 customers on its network and a growing base each month, Progresif is set to continue on this remarkable journey of growth and recognition.