El Diablo Original
Be original.

Creating a tribal brand for millennial clubgoers looking for originality.

The Challenge
Bali Hai Brewing (BHB) is Indonesia’s No.3 brewery with over 40 years’ presence in the market. As an independent family owned brewery based in Jakarta, BHB has distribution across more than 10,000 outlets country wide. Following the successful launch of Bali Hai Premium in July 2016, DIA also worked on the re-positioning and design of El Diablo Original. The challenge was to position El Diablo as an alternative to international brands in the premium club sector.

The Insight
El Diablo Original was positioned as an international premium quality golden ale crafted to deliver the robust one-of-a-kind taste for those looking for a distinctive choice, challenging convention and the ordinary. The tagline ‘Be original’ targets the brand to over 25 male upper (SES) drinkers looking for individuality and sharing unique experiences with friends.

Building on a strong ‘tribal’ brand identity, El Diablo leverages a strong connection with the music loving community, extending to sponsorship of music festivals and anchoring its appeal around association with rock imagery. This was extended into co-branding with related cult brands such as Triumph motorcycles.

The Impact 
Targeted against international brands such as Heineken and Carlsberg, since its launch in November 2016 it has been acquiring new outlets and building a strong base of drinkers who are looking for a stronger alternative to the international brands, as well as building on it’s pride of association as a native brand.