Development capabilities.

Promoting Australia’s leading community creation company to investors.

The Challenge

Stockland are Australia’s largest diversified real estate investment trust. They wanted to capitalised on Stockland’s development capabilities by showcasing their centres of excellence in retail and residential community creation to potential investors.

The insight

We developed a brand strategy that would showcase four of Stockland’s most recent regional shopping centre developments – Stockland Shellharbour, Stockland Merrylands, Stockland Townsville, and Stockland Rockhampton. These projects represented just over $1 billon in development investment.

The book also showcased the largest masterplanned community that Stockland has ever undertaken and the largest masterplanned development in Australia under single ownership. At 2,310 hectares and with an end value of approximately $5 billion, Caloundra South will be an exceptional coastal community that will set new standards for Australian mixed-use development.

We also celebrated their residential development legacy created by Stockland’s founders over 60 years ago, yet firmly looked toward Stockland’s sustainable future. Each case study tells the story of an organisation intent on building places that meet the needs of its customers and shape thriving communities. Our design concept connected readers to Stockland’s regional developments through telling portraits and conversations with local residents of all age groups, bold colourful infographics and beautiful architectural photography.

The Impact

The Stockland Development Capabilities book was favourably received by Stockland and the wider investment community. Stockland continues to be a great Australian real estate investment trust that makes a valuable contribution to their communities and country. They leverage their diversified model to help create thriving communities with dynamic town centres where people live, shop and work.