DIA Brands launches Singapore’s first ever indigenously built bus the SC Neustar

Credits – DIA Brands – Nigel Smith, Pooja Dixit, Roxanne Perez, Lucas Saw. SC Auto – Irin Chen

DIA Brands Asia Pacific has helped to launch Singapore’s first ever indigenously built bus. Local bus manufacturer SC Auto recently unveiled the SC Neustar, an integral bus that is completely designed and built in Singapore. The SC Neustar represents SC Auto’s foray into the latest bus manufacturing technology, ushering in a new generation of auto manufacturing for the nation.


“SC Neustar is the first fully-designed, made-in-Singapore bus. Built using European-sourced components, it features an integration of our proprietary chassis technology and signature bus body design to provide a complete transport solution to our customers. To ensure the SC Neustar met the highest levels of performance standards, we put it through one of the world’s most challenging test tracks where its durability and performance were tested to the limits. Beyond our products, our goal is to deliver top-of-the-line service support through the lens of regional bus operators. With the instrumental help of DIA we were able to adopt a new brand positioning, name and identity that gives us the confidence to be at the wheel of the next generation of game changers,” said Irin Chen, Marketing Manager.


Pooja Dixit, Strategy Director said, “The challenge was to create a brand narrative that can be supported by a compelling name, visual and verbal language that reflected the high level of innovation and international level customer service that SC Auto was committed to deliver. As a first of its kind, it was critical for SC Neustar to establish a strong identity from the get-go. Thanks to the superb execution of the SC Auto team with its commitment to excellence at all levels, the launch of the SC Neustar has been nothing short of exceptional.”


DIA was established in London in 1983 and became a top five branding consultancy in the UK by the end of the 80’s. Established in Asia in 1996, today DIA is an independent group based in Singapore with studios in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia, with a focus on unravelling the complexity of business and bringing simple ideas and innovative thinking to brands.