Treasured Taste Moments

Value creation through portfolio strategy

The Challenge

Whilst Fraser and Neave had long established its standing in the Canned Milk category, it was apparent that there was hidden value to be realised from an optimised portfolio.


DIA Brands was engaged to help realise the full potential of the Sweetened Creamer and Evaporated Milk portfolio and arrive at the most effective brand architecture, as well as articulate well-differentiated value propositions and positioning for its three brands F&N, Gold Coin and Teapot that resonate with the respective target segments.


Based on a thorough analysis of market segmentation, consumer needscope and market trends, the respective brands were further evaluated based on their contribution, traction and growth potential to the portfolio.

The Insight

With brand relationships and roles clarified and re-prioritised, the portfolio strategy was optimised to prevent further cannibalisation and profit erosion.


DIA Brands continued to refresh the product packaging of their flagship brand, F&N. Anchored on the new brand essence and positioning of “Treasured Taste Moments”, attention to design detail ensured that appetite appeal and premium cues were dialed up while preserving the heritage strengths.

The Impact

Overall, the revitalised brand positioning and packaging created a lot more standout and appeal on the shelves, and ultimately translated to improved customer perception and trial.