SC Auto

Born to Lead

Opening up new horizons for SC Auto with the launch of SC Neustar, Asia’s first designed and built bus brand.

The Challenge

SC Neustar represents SC Auto’s foray into the lastest technology in bus manufacturing. A first of its kind for Singapore’s automotive market, SC Neustar integrates it’s proprietary chassis technology and signature bus bodies to give customers a complete transport solution. Built using European components in accordance with the strictest global standards, SC Neustar is also injected with SC Auto’s local expertise, bringing the best of both worlds. SC Auto is also known for its reliable local support – no matter which city you are in, SC Auto experts are right behind you.

The Opportunity

Keeping pace with technology and evolving needs through constant innovation allows SC Auto to uphold high quality standards in everything they do. Having a global mindset also sets them apart from others, as they pursue state-of-the-art technologies and top certifications that are exemplary of international quality. They also understand that performance and practical usage are important, which is why SC Auto buses are developed with users and business needs in mind to deliver better fuel efficiency, driving experience, safety and comfort. DIA realised that a distinct new identity and positioning was required to launch SC NEUSTAR as SC Auto’s game changing new product for the Asian markets/.

This involved re-framing the SC Auto brand with the support of a new vision to ‘open new horizons’ for SC Auto and its customers. This was supported by a new product naming and branding for SC Auto’s breakthrough bus design SC NEUSTAR, which applies European design and engineering with Singapore manufacturing, for the first lightweight monocoque bust designed and built in Asia.

The Outcome

DIA developed a full range of communications across all platforms from print to video and environmental branding for the ministerial launch event. SC Auto has supported the successful regional launch with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Myanmar to build and distribute the SC NEUSTAR to Asean markets.