Roaring Ahead.

Repositioning Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness to appeal to a wider audience.

The Challenge

Due to new federal government VSU legislation and increased local competition, Sydney University Sport (SUS) needed to generate more income by maximising the use of its facilities during off-peak times and making them accessible to the local community.

The Insight

Research revealed the local community didn’t know what SUS offered and thought its facilities were for students only. SUS provided first-rate facilities and services, coaching and sporting scholarships to its members, athletes and clubs. However the brand identity of the sports facilities was old, inconsistent and well overdue for an upgrade that would reflect these important changes.

We proposed re-positioning SUS by renaming them as Sydney Uni Sports & Fitness (SUSF). Our objective was to create a more commercial, member-focussed business delivering a high-end range of facilities, services and courses. Aimed at university staff, students and the wider local community all people were now able to participate in a wide range of sports and fitness programs through an updated and simplfied membership program.

We created a powerful new brand mark for SUSF based on the lion found in Sydney Universities heraldic crest. We then selected the blue and gold striped colours used by the famous Sydney University Football Club back in 1863 as the basis for our new brand colour palette. The new website we developed formed a central connection to book and use all SUSF facilities, membership services, sports clubs and sports programs for staff, students and the local community.

The Impact

The change of marketing focus raised awareness of SUSF and promoted the perception and value of membership. Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness has quickly grown to over 15,000 members today, and hosts a range of social competitions that accommodate thousands of active students and locals on campus each year.