Progresif wins Asia Communications Awards 2016 following DIA re-brand

A year after its re-launch, Progresif continues to flourish and make Brunei proud with its prestigious achievements at the Asia Communications Awards 2016, with wins in both the Best Brand Campaign and Engineering Project of The Year category. These awards are certainly reflective of the brand’s dedication towards excellence, a commitment that has been visible to us right from the get-go.

When we first started with Progresif, it was a telecommunications company with low market share and diminishing relevance. By uncovering the crossroads faced by today’s Bruneians – which featured a desire to participate in an increasingly connected, progressive world without losing what it means to be Bruneian – we helped Progresif to embrace this spirit of possibility that Bruneians aspire to. This meant building the kind of brand-based culture and discipline that fosters business growth, bringing the brand to life through its people, systems and processes. Enhancing the brand’s role and influence so it has become embedded in the way the entire company does business.

Paul Hyde (left) and Devin Edwards (right), members of Progresif’s leadership team, graciously accept the Best Brand Campaign of the Year Award in Singapore. Photo Credit: Progresif

“Made by Bruneians, for Bruneians”. With this in mind, Progresif successfully rewrote the rules and renewed its calling to unlock the possibilities of a connected, inspired and progressive life by giving and empowering its consumers with the “Freedom To Do More”. This is the Progresif tribe.

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