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Pomeroy Studio Branding - Singapore

The Challenge

Prof Jason Pomeroy is an internationally recognised authority on sustainable built environments. His objective was to develop his own architectural consultancy on the back of an illustrious career that spans award-winning architectural and master planning work, academia and writing. DIA was invited to create a brand identity that captures the ethos that would anchor his practice.

The Insight

The Pomeroy Studio brand identity is anchored on the concept of urban spaces, as expressed in the Pomeroy Studio logotype, and reflects the six criteria for a successful urban development – economic, cultural, social, environmental, spatial and technological. This concept was applied to environmental graphics, the practice’s website and communication and collaterals for a successful launch.

The Impact

Pomeroy Studio is today known as much for its award-winning work as for its thought leadership at the forefront of the sustainable built environment agenda, and has grown from one to six studios in under five years.

Pomeroy Studio Branding - Singapore
Pomeroy Studio Branding - Singapore
Pomeroy Studio Branding - Singapore