‘We are a family’.
Upholding friendly,
trusted relationships

Re-focusing a long-standing professional services brand as an expert advisor, growing conversations through trusted relationships.

The Challenge

The Iyer Practice has enjoyed great success since its founding in 1993. With the divestment of its audit and assurance service following new regulatory guidelines and the arrival of the next generation on board, as well as the expansion of to a new office in Hong Kong, the firm needed an updated and distinct brand proposition. The challenge was to communicate the new focus of Iyer Practice as advisors, so new and existing clients will understand the value they bring.

The Insight

While some stakeholders saw the family-aspects of the business as traditional, many found it positive as it signifies significant commitment and loyalty. In this context, it was ctitical that the brand strike a balance between maintaining a professional image but embracing the ‘family-business’ ethos to maintain and grow long-term client relationships while attracting and retaining the best talent.


Key research insights gave rise to the brand idea of ‘We are a family, upholding friendly, trusted relationships’, which is captured through the new brand identity – a dialogue cube with the ‘I’ hallmark. This captures the core thought of Iyer Practice: that the key to friendly, deeply trusting relationships are first seeded through open and trusted conversations with clients, partners and people.

Iyer Practice Branding - Singapore
Iyer Practice Branding - Singapore
Iyer Practice Branding - Singapore

The Impact

The revitalised brand has enabled Iyer Practice to attract new-economy clients and top talent, and provided a springboard for the brand’s growth in the region. Having a clear voice has also helped position the firm as a thought-leader in its field and the Iyer leadership team is regularly sought on the conference circuit.

Iyer Practice Branding - Singapore
Iyer Practice Branding - Singapore